cropped-photo-3.jpgSweet Pea’s Studio Prenatal & Post Partum Yoga
Apprenticeship Program. 

This Program is designed for yoga teachers looking to invest more fully in the field of prenatal or postnatal yoga. It is also for birth educators, Doulas, and women’s health professionals interested in bringing basic yoga and mindfulness tools to their students and clients.  SPS apprenticeship program is ideal for newly graduated RPYT students who are seeking possible employment at Sweet Pea’s Studio, and to work directly with Jennifer Barron Fishman, Director and owner of Sweet Pea’s.

My goal for you:

To provide an in-depth, supportive, educational and honest relationship from which you will gain the necessary skills and confidence to teach prenatal yoga, work more confidently with Doula clients, and broaden your understanding of the importance of the mind/body connection in birth and motherhood.

How this works :

This apprenticeship will be a relationship. A relationship of time, intention, and commitment that will lead to the best possible outcome for both you and myself. The ideal length of time to explore this relationship will be three months, but may be less or more if we both have a clear understanding and agreement to this time.

Here’s what I expect :

  1. Fill out and return the letter of agreement I will provide when you contact me with your interest in this program. In this letter I ask that you share in  detail why you would like to apprentice with me, your goals for yourself and your work, your strengths and possible obstacles to meeting these goals.
  2. We will meet once, in person, for 30 minutes to go over your letter of agreement, work though any questions and concerns that may present themselves before the apprenticeship begins, and lay out the initial framework of our relationship.
  3. I require that you attend a minimum of 6 prenatal yoga classes taught by myself, and 3 Baby and Me Yoga classes. I also ask that you take one of my couple’s classes, Comfort Measures or Prenatal Couple’s Yoga.
  4. I ask that you write a one page journal of observations and questions that arise from participating in each of these classes and hand those in to me. Within these observations and questions, be prepared to explore topics such as use of language, community building and sharing: skills to hold space, sequencing poses, working with physical limitations and the skills of observation and redirection etc. and the unique aspects of working with the community of women and families during this time in their lives
  5. We will have a second 30 minute meeting after a month and a half or after half of the required classes have been observed. We will review your journal entries together, explore any additional questions or insights that you may be having, and begin to set the framework for the community class that you will be expected to teach before the end of our relationship.
  6. You will have the opportunity lead a free 60 minute community Prenatal, Baby and Me or Couple’s Yoga class (marketing will be done together, with the understanding that Sweet Pea’s will support but not be wholly responsible for marketing). I will attend and observe this class and take notes.
  7. I ask that you journal after you teach, reflecting about your experience as honestly as you can.
  8. In the third and final one-on-one meeting, I will provide you with feedback from the class, and we will discuss ‘What’s Next?” If appropriate, we will begin the discussion about the path to employment as a teacher at Sweet Pea’s Studio.
  9. I will be available by email and phone throughout this time working together.

This entire program is $350.00. $75 is due as a non refundable deposit at the time of the first meeting, and the balance is due in order to move forward with the program.

Time commitment: Approx 3 months
Individual Meetings: Approx  2hours
Teaching: 1 Hour
Journaling and outside self study: Approx 3-8 hours
Class observation : At least 8 hours
Total apprenticeship hours: 6-12 hours working directly with me + self study and journal work.

Additional time required outside of this agreed upon apprenticeship can be arranged. In person or phone consults are available for $50 an hour. Additional classes observed or taken as a participant at Sweet Pea’s Studio will cost the normal drop in rate of class.

I look forward to working together! Contact me at to get started!