Roadmap of Services

Sweet Pea’s Studio has been cultivating comfort and care for families in Chicago since 2002. We offer a full range of services that support and nurture the “pregnancy year” and beyond. Owner and “Mama Bear” Jennifer Barron Fishman, has been holding space for families and experts in the fields of BODY, BIRTH and SOUL WORK to gather together and grow. With 20+ years of experience as a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Pre/Postnatal Doula and Childbirth Educator, Jenny has created a special environment with a team of highly skilled and respected practitioners who offer unparalleled care for families on their journey of parenting. Sweet Pea’s Studio is more than just a place to go for a massage and a yoga class or two…it is the equivalent of a Mother’s Embrace. Welcome to Chicago’s First Family Yoga Center.

Mamas, it can be confusing to know how and where to start with classes and workshops.
Here’s a map to help you on your journey through Sweet Pea’s Services:


BEGIN with our weekly, drop-in style Prenatal Yoga classes. As one of the very first Prenatal Yoga Instructors in Chicago, Jenny and her team of Sweet Pea’s trained teachers hold space in these classes for sharing, childbirth and parenting education, ensuring all classes are accessible and therapeutic for all stages of pregnancy and level of skill. Feel free to try a class before deciding how you want to pay. Some mamas choose to purchase individual classes, while others purchase packages so they can take advantage of our weekly offerings!

Most students begin classes with us after the first trimester and will often choose their favorite day/time and attend that class every week until they “graduate” (deliver their baby)! Many students will come several times a week as they enjoy each of our teacher’s different approach and teaching style. The package is perfect for that.

We also offer STUDENT CLINIC CLASSES, FREE to students who hold a class package. These classes are taught by our student teachers who are part of the SPS Pre/Postnatal Teacher Training Program.

After finding a happy home in weekly Prenatal Yoga classes, women will want to bring in their partners for our monthly Partners Prenatal Yoga workshop.

Jenny teaches a 6-week series of classes called Understanding Birth.
As part of this series, there are two class topics that can be taken as independent classes for parents who are unable to attend the 6-week series: Comfort Measures and Breastfeeding Basics. Childbirth education provides parents the opportunity to be informed and empowered to be in control of their own unique childbirth journey.

Within the Sweet Pea’s Community, we also have Partner Providers, including Denyse Ffrench who teachers Bradley Method Childbirth Education classes.

Once a woman is feeling the lovely effects of a regular Yoga practice during her pregnancy, she will also want to feel even BETTER by coming in for one (or many) of Jenny’s renowned therapeutic massages. Jenny also offers therapeutic massages for partners and “regular people,” but her passion is supporting mamas who are working so hard to grow and nourish their babies pre/postpartum. Jenny also supports women who need body balancing for mal-positioned babies with Spinning Babies Treatments and Craniosacral Therapy.

As part of the model of “Community Wellness Center,” Sweet Pea’s Studio is home to several Independent Practitioners who are experts in their field. Dana Cruz is also available for massage therapy services and is a specialist in Pre/Postnatal Massage. SPS is home to two of the most skilled Physical Therapists in Chicago who specialize in deeply therapeutic treatments for all ages and stages. Often women during their pregnancies will need more in depth clinical care, and Linda Butts and Dana Sackar are experts in Fertility, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Pediatric PT. We are also home to Ashlie Martin who provides Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and Lee-Ann Meredith who is available for Reiki Sessions. SPS is also home to Gentle Birth Care, a Homebirth Midwifery Practice.

Jenny and her good friend Lee-Ann Meredith host Divine Mothering Circles, where we celebrate the pull of the moon on our lives as women. Each gathering will hold a different theme as we gather to recharge our energies with gentle Yoga, Reiki, ritual and community. We host RED TENT and BLESSINGWAY celebrations as well as BABY NAMINGS and other spiritual community gatherings. If you’re interested in hosting one of these special ceremonies to celebrate your pregnancy and birth, let us know!

Jenny does occasionally still accept Birth Doula clients, but SPS also hosts a monthly “Meet a Doula” open house, as well as a WEEKLY Drop-in Doula Clinic, which focuses on postnatal care and support.



We believe in the power of sharing your birth story and keeping community after you’ve delivered your baby. Send us your favorite photos of your newborn and let us know about your birth! We also have a Private Birthstories of Sweet Pea’s Studio Facebook Page where you can visit after you have had your baby, share your story and connect with friends from classes and other mamas and Jenny. You can feel like you are still part of the warm and supportive community of SPS while resting and recovering at home after your birth. Send us a request to join, and we’ll add you!

We have partnered for years with the wonderful Lactation Consultant, Jane O’Connor and her team JOC Lactation Consultants. Jane and her powerhouse team offer home visits and immediate postpartum support for you and your sweet baby. They are SPS PARTNER PROVIDERS, so PLEASE CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY. After a home consultation, JOC Lactation hosts a drop-in clinic, Lactation Station, at SPS every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11. They also host a Back to Work Breastfeeding class that mamas will take around month 2 or 3 postpartum if they are planning to go back to work, and want to know more about pumping and protecting their nursing relationship.

As part of our weekly drop-in style classes, we offer gentle, restorative Postnatal Yoga classes that also include baby time. Not just a class for mamas, Baby + Me Yoga is also welcoming to both parents, but our week day classes are usually full of mamas. We hold space for sharing and connecting on parenting topics, learn infant massage and supportive carrying and holding postures while practicing gentle and soothing yoga poses and relaxation techniques.

In addition, we offer a monthly Saturday Family Baby + Me Yoga class where BOTH parents can enjoy the benefits of a little self-care and community with their baby.

We offer a monthly Infant Massage Group class taught by Jenny for after your baby is born. This class is important for all of the health benefits of infant massage, such as healthy digestion, better sleep patterns and bonding and attachment. Jenny also offers private Infant Massage classes for parents who are wanting more one-on-one instruction.

Sometimes due to the stresses of birth, babies experience tightness of the  mouth, head and neck, which could potentially affect breastfeeding and colicy behavior. CST is a gentle approach to help align the baby’s body structurally and gets all the systems working properly (digestion, sleep, etc).

Just as Jenny supports mommas during their pregnancy, she continues to support their recovery postpartum. For more in-depth clinical support for postpartum recovery, surgical scar, and pelvic floor and chronic pain, contact SPS Community Independent Practitioners Dana Sackar and Linda Butts.


Additional resources and support offered at SPS are Monthly ICAN Meetings, Cloth Diaper Classes offered by Green Diaper Baby, Babywearing and Attachment Parenting Groups and Classes, GRASP Group, Pelvicore with Jen Dixon, and support for various other parenting topics.


Our services are continuously evolving as we see need in the community. Check out our weekly class schedule and workshop pages to find out when they take place and to reserve your spot. Reserve a massage therapy appointment with Jenny by emailing her at