Q: When should I start taking birth education classes?

A: It’s useful to take these classes after your fifth month or before you begin your third trimester.

Q: For prenatal yoga, how far along do I have to be and do I need a Doctor or midwife’s note?

A: Generally it’s best to start the classes after your first trimester. Yoga is considered safe and beneficial during those weeks, but it is best to allow the initial surges of hormones and discomforts to settle before adding a new form of exercise. We do not require a “permission slip”, but we do ask that you share your medical history with us.

Q: How soon can my baby and I join the Baby Yoga class? When is my baby too old for classes?

A: It is best to wait at least 4 weeks before bringing your baby into a group class. After a cesarean birth, you need to wait for your Doctor’s or midwife’s ok to resume exercise. These classes are best enjoyed until your baby is an active crawler.

Q: Do you use a massage table with a hole for my belly?

A: No, I give prenatal massages in supported side lying and semi reclining position. I have researched the prone tables for pregnancy and decided that it wasn’t appropriate for safely supporting the ligaments of the back and uterus.

Q: Can I join a class at any time?

A: Generally, there will be room in classes to join at any time but we suggest that you preregister for the class you wish to attend to guarantee your spot. You can view how full the class is online, on the class schedule page.

Q: What should I bring with me to class?

A:  We have Yoga mats and props (bolsters, cushions, pillows, and straps) to use free of charge, so no need to bring anything extra. We also have a water cooler with cups and a tea kettle. Feel free to bring a water container with you to class.

Q: Where is Sweet Pea’s Studio located, and how do I get there?

A: We are located at 3717 N. Ravenswood Ave, in Suite 213 and 214, on the second floor. We are on Ravenswood, between Grace and Waveland, one block North of Lincoln (behind the Trader Joe’s). There is free street parking, and on class nights that coincide with a Cubs game, we provide you with a parking pass for the area. Our closest CTA stop is the Addison brownline train. Also close to the studio is the Damen 50, and Ashland 9, buses.