Love Letters from Students and massage clients…

“I was really lucky in my labor…I could not have had that experience without Sweet Pea’s because I feel like it all began there; gaining confidence in my body, finding a community of support including my doula, and taking energy from all the positive birth stories. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I think it takes a village to birth one too”. H.K

“The decision to have a natural childbirth is not one that I ever thought I would make. I’m not into hard exercise or feeling the burn, but I was able to have two natural childbirths. It definitely helped that they were fast, but I wouldn’t have been able to think about that as a goal, much less accomplish it, if it want’ for the amazing prenatal experience that I was fortunate to have. Thank you  Sweet Pea’s Studio for creating an environment that supports and empowers women during their pregnancies and births. Not only did the yoga strengthen me physically, but the community strengthened me emotionally. I felt in control and supported during the birth experience.  I was able to create an environment with a wonderful Doula and husband who were part of my team. Their support was there during the birth, but even more so during my pregnancy and postpartum, which has been even more import to me. I will always remember this time in my life, and I feel very lucky to have shared it with you. You have touched the lives of my family in a very special way, and for this I am truly grateful. Namaste.” Kate

“Thanks to Yoga and Jenny’s Comfort Measures class, we felt calm and ready for anything. And if I wasn’t ready for something, I had the knowledge to say “give more time to get comfortable with that suggestion.” Much love to Sweet Pea’s and everyone who helped contribute to a truly wonderful pregnancy.” Gina

“Jenny is an angel. She’s doing what she’s meant to do in life, and that connection comes through in her work. I met Jenny for a prenatal massage while I was pregnant with my first child. I stumbled upon Sweet Pea’s Studio after reading such positive reviews on Yelp! and had to try it out. I felt completely at home in its charming environment and Jenny’s therapeutic and healing touch felt so nurturing that I remember it to this day. Thank you Jenny for such a beautiful and grounding memory during a time in my life where so much was in transition. I know our son also felt love through your touch and for all these things, I’m eternally grateful.” Pamela

Praise from other Teachers and Birth and Health Care Providers…

“Years back I won a massage in a raffle and lo and behold Jenny is the massage therapist. I had myriad issues with touch and had no idea what to expect and that massage changed the trajectory of my entire life. I was a bartender and managed a small theatre space and felt the next step was moving deeper into fields that didn’t really interest me. So I enrolled in massage school and found my calling. Years later I went to a yoga class Jenny was teaching and once again found myself following in this wise women’s footsteps. After completion of teacher training and a trip to India I found myself teaching at the first incarnation of Sweet Pea’s. Jenny created such a warm community for families and mothers and I was proud to be part of the Sweet Pea team. We are lucky to have her in the Chicago Yoga community.” Rich Logan, Owner of Live Work Yoga

“I love me some Jenny Barron-Fishman! She is the owner/mother of Sweet Pea’s Studio-a home for prenatal massage, yoga, midwives and all sorts of momma goodness and love! She has been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years, specializing in bodywork for the childbearing years, an expert in yoga, a labor support and postpartum doula and is a birth and breastfeeding educator. It is no wonder she is my leading expert on all things mommy!” Dr. Stephanie Maj, DC Owner of Community Chiropractic